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First Step Academic WritingAcademic Writing series… are uses the language of instruction American English and written by Ann Hogue, published by Pearson Longman ELT for Beginner – Advanced (four) level.

Fundamentals of Academic Writing

This book introduces beginning-level students to the clear, step-by-step approach of this proven series.

Key Features:

*Simple vocabulary, short paragraphs, and detailed instructions introduce basic composition skills and guide students through assignments

*Model paragraphs feature high-frequency vocabulary and controlled structures.


Student Book (9780131995574)

Answer Key (9780136133902)


First Steps in Academic Writing

This book uses the time-proven approach that integrates paragraph organization, sentence structure, grammar, mechanics and the writing process.

Key Features:

*New self-editing and peer editing worksheets motivate students to revise written work

*New journal writing activities help students build fluency.


Student Book (9780132414883)

Answer Key (9780132414906)


Introduction to Academic Writing

This book is organized in a smooth flow of rhetorical instruction and helps students close the gap between pre-writing and final draft.

Key Features:

*New try it out! Exercises provide informal practice of new skills

*New journal writing option includes instructions and topic suggestions.


Student Book (9780131933958)

Answer Key (9780132410281)


Writing Academic English

This book is a comprehensive academic writing text that utilizes a straightforward, step-by-step approach. Models and activities feature general academic topics that are both timely and relevant.

Key Features:

*New chapters dedicated to each pattern of essay organization

*New self-editing and peer-editing worksheets

*New through provoking readings from authentic sources.


Student Book (9780131523593)

Answer Key (9780131947016)

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